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Fixing and fastening solutions

Global leader for industrial fastening and hardware components.

Single source supplier for all of your electronic and mechanical hardware products.


Metal spacers, standoffs & pillars in brass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium.  Hex & round threaded and clearance spacers with standard thread sizes from M2 to M8,  lengths 1mm to 95mm

Circuit board mounting hardware, cable management, grommets & glands, rivets, screws & washers, LED spacers, fan accessories, card guides, cable ties & mounts, Insulators, bumpers & feet, motion control

Plastic spacers & pillars in nylon and polystyrene.  Hex & round threaded and clearance spacers with standard thread sizes from M2 to M6,  lengths 1mm to 70mm

Steatite ceramic beads and spacers for high temperature applications up to  1000ºC.  Plain spacer and interlocking fish-spine styles 

Insulating spacers & pillars in nylon or PTFE with brass inserts.  Hex & round threaded with standard thread sizes from M2 to M12,  lengths 4mm to 105mm.


Insulators for low voltage applications in thread sizes M3-M16 - female/female, male/female and male/male formats.
Working temperature is -40°C to +130°C 

Single shot and resettable thermal protection devices, Temperature range 65°C to 240°C and current range 0.3A - 75A. Flexible package options. 

RFI/EMI screening enclosures, PCB mounting, enclosed, open frame and fingered lids options. Plastic and die cast aluminium boxes and instrument cases. Custom options available