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  • General purpose enclosures

  • ABS, Polycarbonate or die-cast

  • Waterproof - IP65

  • Hand-held

  • Potting

  • Instrument cases

  • RFI/EMI metal Screening

  • Plug-in 8/11 pin Octal

  • Custom sizes available

Data Sheets

RFI/EMI enclosures from Perancea can be used to screen components, modules or circuits from other sensitive areas on the PCB. Standard styles give the choice between PCB mounting, enclosed, open frame and fingered lids. Standard boxes can be customised, or alternatively we can make to suit your own particular requirements.

We offer plastic and metal die cast boxes from Hammond, Camden Boss and Camatrox for many applications. As an additional service we can customise any standard enclosure with holes, cut-outs, paint, screen print or even complete assemblies with PCB, switches, glands etc.

If you can’t find the right box from our standard range, we can custom manufacture an enclosure to your specific requirements using our cost effective no-tooling CAD/CAM system.


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