Thermal Protectors

Thermal Protection

Thermal protectors are used to protect a product from over-heating in abnormal or fault conditions.

We are the sole UK & Ireland distributor for Thermik GmbH and can offer the world's leading range of resettable thermal cut-outs.

Single shot fuses from Elcut, Aupo and NEC Sefuse complete the range for lower cost applications.

We also offer full engineering and design support so please call us for technical assistance.

One shot Thermal fuses - 
Aupo - Elcut - Sefuse

Providing ultimate over temperature protection, single shot thermal fuses are ideal for protecting wound components and small household appliances such as coffee machines, electric irons, hair dryers and stylers, refrigerators and fan heaters.  They can also thermally protect battery packs and battery chargers, power supplies and automotive applications such as blower motors, fan speed dropper resistors and solenoids. With fuses manufactured by Ucihashi, NEC and Aupo we can offer a full range with current ratings from 0.3A to 15A, fusing off temperatures from 65°C to 240°C and radial, axial and surface mount packages we have a product for most applications.

Resettable Thermal protectors - Thermik

Thermik Gerätebau GmbH is a global market  leader for bimetallic thermal protectors and PTC thermistors. Operating from four production sites on three continents. Thermik manufacture a comprehensive range with current ratings from 1.6 – 75A. All parts are fully adaptable to accommodate specific and individual customer requirements.

All thermal protectors are inspected and certified by the VDE and are in accordance with EN 60730-1. Certification by UL is available on request.

Greenway are the sole distributor for UK and Ireland.  

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